16 November, 2011 23:42

How do you start collecting postage stamps?
It’s easy. You can start by simply saving used (cancelled) stamps from letters, packages, and postcards. Ask your friends and family to save stamps from their mail. Neighborhood businesses that get a lot of mail (banks, stores, travel agencies, magazines & newspapers, etc..) might save their envelopes for you, too. In other case, please ask your local Post Office (or Postman) the names of someone (with a lot of mail), and, perhaps, you can receive an additional help, without much trouble and expenses. Please remember the special attention: the one thing I must ask is if stamps could be left on the envelope and cut off leaving about two cm of paper surrounding the stamp, to prevent damage. Never pull the stamps from the paper. Of course you can send the material at your convenience, when possible, when enough stamps available in your hands, and do not hesitate to contact me for suggestions on your shipment (to avoid possible troubles and high postal fees). Happy to offer you my cooperation for everything. Advance thanks for your possible help. All the best.
Bortolotto Roberto,
Casella Postale Aperta,
35043 Monselice (Pd),

Mobile phone (for sms) 0039 3771998298

Website address:


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