17 November, 2011 23:02


I live just south of Venice, and a weekend in the north-east of Italy is an opportunity to discover famous artistic treasures. Venice, a date for your diary, if you like art, culture, museums. Happy to offer you my special gifts:
— Tourist assistance for free.
— Guided tour (in my area) for free.
— Practice italian language for free.
— Email file “Pavarotti in Venice” (and other, with fantastic photos) for free.
— Subscription to publications (in paper version) for free.
— Remailing service in Italy for free (if necessary, postage extra).
Take free help in planning your tour to Venice. Cheap accomodation customised to your needs. If you have questions, need more information, or would like to make a gift (I only need used postage stamps for philately promotion), please contact me. Thank you. Warm greetings from sunny Italy.
Bortolotto Roberto,
Casella Postale Aperta,
35043 Monselice (Pd),

Mobile phone (for sms) 0039 3771998298

DID  YOU  KNOW ? Experience Venice. Unique vacation. Free guide service for art lovers. A blog to help people save money. Free gifts, free services, and other for free, on websites worldwide. The best free classified sites. The way to great bargains at:  http://www.bargainwebsite.blogspot.com   (CLICK on italian postage stamp above)

PLANNING  TO  NORTH-EAST  ITALY ? Discover Monselice, a beautiful medieval walled town, just south of Padua, with my free guided tour, and practice italian for free. Other details with photos at: http://www.visititalyforfree.blogspot.com


7 thoughts on “17 November, 2011 23:02

  1. I want to visit Venice someday… But still don’t know when I will visit.
    – Tourist assistance for free.
    – Guide service (in my area) for free.
    – Practise italian language for free.
    Those great service

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